After his Qmap went viral he's Mapping the Ultimate Cult - Dylan Louis Monroe Exclusive Interview

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Today on Edge of Wonder we finally meet the creator of the infamous #QMap, Dylan Louis Monroe. Did you know about the ‘Cult of Baal’ map? On this episode, we trace the maps' #DeepState influence, and analyze the connections, find out a bit more on how it all started.

We ask Dylan Louis Monroe how he came up with this network of new noteworthy connections and what was his grueling process? Where was all the information and inspiration coming from and how long did it take him to create these masterpieces?

We will also take a deeper look into parts of the map that might’ve sparked your curiosity such as pyramid #symbolism, Knights #Templar and the most important part of the map, according to the creator, which you may have overlooked.

So join us on this Part 1 of a 2 part exclusive series, only on the Edge of Wonder!

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Julie leyraud

How about Kazakhstan? for Capital?


Hey Ben and Rob!! I personally wouldn't use the word "cover" as the phrase to talk about exposing a topic. Just a suggestion, having enough experience with journalism to know what's dangerous. Words do matter - as you both obviously know - and that's how the DS has helped to use media to psychologically deal with viewers. "Covering" sounds and feels safe and is a way of using a phrase to dull the mind into accepting information. With that being said, this can be used both ways, case in point with "America First" used by Trump which is a way of co-opting an old terribly used phrase and giving it new life in order to benefit the newly minted audience. So take it as you will. I feel this information can and *should* be shared in this way on this platform to help inform those who may not already be aware of its use. Thanks again for said platform... I feel like I can finally feel free to give my opinion to an open-minded group of individuals (I rarely post, especially on YT) with which I share the hope and wonder you two have so helpfully and openly prepared us for....


hey Ben and Rob There is a bug in your system for .tv. It allowed me to sign up and have an account on .tv without paying. I just thought I'd let you guys know.


Hey, Chami! This is still in BETA we're still working out the kinks. Actually surprised you found this :) Welcome!!!


Hey Chami, are you able to see the Werwolves episode?


Great episode guys!