Alliance vs. Deep State: The Final Showdown - David Wilcock Exclusive Interview

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The best David Wilcock interview we have made so far!


There are competing factions inside the Deep State. Remember George H.W. Bush’s funeral? Do you remember the piece of paper? Whatever was written on it, has led to an agreement…when was William Barr’s nomination announced? Maybe 2 days after the funeral. The Trump faction and the Bush faction have been at war for 2 yrs. George H.W. Bush was running the new world order, not Obama, are you surprised? George H.W. Bush was the godfather, ex-head of the CIA. He died. The family, the boys, the sons didn’t want the “mantel”. They did not want to take the throne. There was an ultimatum at the funeral, and directly after the funeral a truce was signed… an agreement, that the Trump faction would not prosecute the Bush faction, along with the Clintons. Mr. Barr is the Bush emissary to enforce the truce. This is why Muller is packing up and leaving (worked for Bush’s), and no report will be issued. They reached a settlement and agreement, they would not take down the key members of the Deep State. In return, the Hounds of Hell to be called off from POTUS. Let’s see what Barr does as Attorney General… - Taken from TruNews, 2/19


Late comment I know, but this was so amazing to watch, I can't help but get excited! I literally feel like I'm watching a movie unfold, I feel like I'm missing out on the action being a UK viewer! Sidenote: Can I post links here? I'l try anyway... it's interesting :) Good Morning Britain interview w/Alexander Armstrong, host of TV gameshow Pointless. Tells a story of hosting private game for QEII and gave an example of her excellent quiz knowledge on owls… of all things. Just thought this was a nice little addition to the collection of symbolism!

Miss Vicci

Awesome show!


Great interview! I love not having to give YT my eyeballs to support you guys, lol! Now I just have to figure out how the heck to explain to my extreme socialist sisters that they need to have two weeks of food and supplies at home.

J Bauers

Emelie Lönnberg

Thank you for a great interview! I wonder if anyone would be able to throw the first stone.I totally agree with David, we need to stick together, no matter our different backgrounds.

Seneca the Younger

Great interview! I just subscribed, looking forward to new content and the live Q&A :)


This was just an amazing interview. Thanks guys!

Crystal Techie

Thank you so much for letting David speak on your platform. I so love what you guys are doing and sharing with the awakened community. Please do more with Corey Goode too ;) All of you are such wonderful lights in the dark chaos!


A very Star Wars view of the Alliance needing redemption and the chance to be the heroes.

Zeb Lebowski

(<>,,<>) ~< (👀)>~

Patricia Lutke

Great job!


Well alrighty then...the perspective provided flipped a switch for me regarding the alliance. Allowing the hero to arise from the ashes of a sorted past is something I can get behind. Changing times call for an open mind. ✌️

Autumn Maddox

love this humanization of the alliance, so needed to have this nuance articulated by the courageous David Wilcock (: thank you so much because it clarifies that a hero doesn't need to be perfect, they only need redeem themselves.


Thank you guys for doing more interviews with David!👍🏻 Y'all should do a series on vaccinations since so "many outbreaks of viruses" are all of the sudden happening on a daily basis.

Tara OBrien

Love IT! Thank you guys for bringing all this out!

Kat Omen aka Niknaktattykat

I’m so glad you guys are sharing this info! This is unbelievably helpful for sharing with family and friends. So much gratitude to you!




🇨🇦Well here we R! Let's c what ol' Davey boy got up his SLEEVE.


I am glad that you made this platform and monetized! Too many educators cant figure it out. YouTube is good for carefull lead generation. Keep it clean and you might stay under the radar! And do the dirty stuff here :)