Amazing Nasa Mars Photo Anomalies! Billy Carson Exclusive

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Amazing Nasa Mars Photo Anomalies! Billy Carson Exclusive


When $ is involved so much info is diverted for profit

Nathan Price

Great show, as always a wealth of knowledge, thank you guys keep it up!


Just signed up for a year very excited about what’s to come great job what an awesome video thanks for all you do

Jill Anderson

Really GREAT Show you 3! I said WOW, WOW, WOW a lot while watching this show, Billy Carson always Amazes & Surprises me with all his Knowledge!



Yes, really cool stuff. Billy Carson has provided me with so much to go digging with and the stuff you find afterwards. Out of this world even, haha. They say truth is stranger than fiction. SO TRUE!


awesome, two thumbs up :)

Kat Omen aka Niknaktattykat

So interesting! I never can seem to soak up enough of this information and want the videos to go on for hours lol Thank you Rob, Ben, and EOW team for all your hard work!


Mind blown


Off topic but you guys really need to talk about the Joe Rogan Experience show with Alex Jones last night. Please.


Btw love this episode with Billy Carson a lot. I am really interested in his work..My girlfriend and I really want to come to contact in the desert this year instead of burning man. Those guys last night had a very different perspective about all of the topics you guys talk about. I would love to hear you guys break down the episode and give us your perspective on all of it. Alex explained "the Cabal""Deep State" as "they" and as two different agencies(or "breakaway civilizations")the CIA and NASA. He made no mention of Qanon or the secret space program directly. No mention of Antarctica. And a belief that there are no aliens. It was odd. The organ harvesting of newborns was fascinating. Maybe they were just trying to tiptoe on the side of caution because of the YouTube fascists...


Alex went as far to say he doesn't support Trump anymore...


YES. I'm so confused. I don't know what to think about Alex now.


Q said Corsi is mossad, then proceeds to post about Corsi and Jones financial connections. Jones is pretty firmly in the "Controlled Opposition" bucket methinks.

Bho Hallard

Alex Jones works for the wrong side of the tracks.


When the deep state is fully exposed (probably) in the near future for everything they are doing, everyone should get the truth about what's really going on everywhere. Lets pray and meditate on it happening before Elon Musk gets the mainstream collective to mars in 2022. Just remember to buy a couple months of food and water you can store for a long time so when it does go down and the deepstate makes us go dark we are prepared for ourselves and others. After we get over these obstacles of adjustment the world will be a much freer place. Truth will be easily accessable, nature and civilization will flourish, and we will have access to entire Universe. Right now is a really amazing time to witness and be a part of as the spread of The Great Awakening accelerates. I think the best way to wake people up is through kindness. As more and more people are taking the time to help more people, good examples of strength and leadership are blossoming out of the either and we begin to clear out evil making our environments better. So remember to practice #KINDNESS in every thing you do and all will be well. Thank you, Wonder Edgers! Namaste!


Great stuff guys, kinda interesting that he said that a rouge planet blew up the planet that made the asteroid belt and not a war between two worlds, but it's totally awesome what he said about breathing on Mars!


I get so frustrated with how hard "they" are coming down on anyone who might have any open mind at all about any of the stuff I completely believe (demonizing us as kooks and conspiracy loons) even if you are anti Vaxx you are demonized... My thinking is what the heck is WRONG with the people who don't believe it???? seriously, are they that blind?


I like this guy! Looking him up, very interesting stuff 👍


Great work guys! Keep on pushing for the truth!!


Really enjoying these informative interviews you guys have been doing. Shows me how many people and how much is truelly involved "behind the scenes" that you don't hear about in the main stream. Really gives me hope! Keep it up, you guys are doing an incredible job!


First! Love your work EOW team, I watched the live YT stream the other day when you guys discussed that awful Momo challenge, please research ElsaGate! There are numerous YT and YTkids channels putting out videos of popular children's cartoon characters doing disturbing things and this isn't being talked about! It's wayyy bigger than just momo


The honeybee on YouTube did a couple episodes on this. Melissa Z. has not been heard from in forever but she had some really good videos and on podestas other family members who are involved in satellite tracking people and have top security clearances outside of the two podesta brothers.