Why Billy Carson is such a Badass!!!


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Matthew Huffman

Great interview! I needed the reminder. I want to get my hands on his book about the emerald tablets.


Yes it has been very interesting I love what he has to say

Jenny Erb

It's inspiring to hear from a man driven by science and yet so full of spirituality.

Bill Winger

I liked part one....had really never heard of Billy, but part 2 was wow! Look forward to hearing more from him! Already signed into his Instagram account...thank you both so much for These great interviews.. l


Amazing stuff guy! Billy is definitely an inspiration... and a badass!


I really loved this! Billy is a wonderful inspiration to us all! Love to all.


Billy is a humble genius. So cool to watch you guys! Rob, you crack me up, great sense of humor!


Yes, we all have that divinity inside of us! Do we choose that gift to serve ourselves or choose to help others!? What an amazing backstory for a character of magnitude that is Billy Carson. Very cool to see the pieces coming together and the research that Mr. Carson has come out with. Previously I watched the Great Year/Everything you Know is Wrong and I showed them to my folks too! Amazing stuff and life is truly the best mystery thriller! Namaste frens.

Daniel Skoropadsky

I've personally been inspired by Billy to just put that video up online, just make that channel and just start talking about these things with your resonance and your current understanding. Enlightenment doesn't care how you get there. If you feel like your videos aren't "good enough", as a random person to a random person, don't worry about it, I just want to know your thoughts on this.


also, what a gem of a human...


Is there any way you guys could add a "playback speed button" so we can listen at 1.25 or 1.5 like on YouTube?


Oh, and BTW... Hell yea, he's bad ass!


Wow. What an inspiration. I understand what it's like to rise above; I grew up in poverty, myself. I got my first job at 14, while helping to raise my two younger sisters, and helped feed them. I worked from that age on. Worked 3 jobs to put myself through school and had a full career by age 25. Sadly, I had a stroke in my lab when I was 27. But I'm still fighting to rise above every day. Mr. Carson is right; it's all about letting things go. A very wise person once told me to look at things and just say, "Not my sh*t." Don't hold onto someone's negativity and let it destroy you. THEY deserve it as they created it. "One moment of anger is forty days of sorrow." That is SO true. It's definitely on my list of favorite quotes. :)


Such an awesome dude, go Billy!!!

Mendi Cowles

What a sincere, smart & knowledgeable soul!!! Thank you EOW for highlighting Billy Carson.

Seneca the Younger

I love Billy's combined knowledge and peaceful state of being, it is very inspiring. I am grateful for Edge of Wonder for introducing me to so many awesome people in the disclosure movement.

Dan Hecmanczuk

Whole new respect for this man!


Seriously Badass! A very smart guy! Going to check out 4biddenknowledge now


Everyone go check out Billy's YouTube channel if you like this, this man works hard!