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When I first read bloodlines of the Illuminati, I kept having my mind blown. Since it was a pdf version it was really hard to scroll through but definitely well worth the time. For longest time I had it saved in my phone favorites titled “WTF is this” whenever I had free time I’d read through it. When you guys first mentioned you read this, I knew instantly you guys were legit! Love this channel!

Myles Davidson

Sensational talk guys! You really showcased the depth and breadth of your knowledge here! So happy to have you enriching my life! KUDOS & LOVE TO YOU BOTH <3 <3 <3

Myles Davidson

If you want to watch an amazing Russian movie about the horrors of Communism can I recommend The Chekist (1992). Is a brutal movie and has some scenes of mass murder so be warned!!

Myles Davidson

The Cheka was the precursor to the KGB. Brutal thugs in the extreme!


So I feel as if we live in a communist country now basically! We the people work for our individual states and our nation's government and it should definitely be the other way around for sure!


Sounds to me like that crowd is where to find enlightened soulmates.


We know that angels are able to morph into flesh. We know spirit beings can rearrange molecules such as in shapeshifting. Could it not be that the spiritual beings that fell from Gods graces are simply manifesting as these aliens? I believe th at we are spiritual beings confined by our God-made flesh in this temporary reality. The Lord God says that sin rules for an appointed time but Jesus overcame sin's reign & in His timing He will return and after eliminating the evil spiritual beings and those who serve them He will recreate the earth again and dwell with us eternally. So what place is there for other good 'alien' beings? I cannot wrap my mind around that based on what I have learned from the Bible and other extrabiblical writings from God. I am especially thinking of the Book of Enoch and the story of the angelic host that came to earth and made women pregnant with their offspring called nephilim. The Belgium were giants and became men of renown (ancient gods?). They were destroyed in the flood and their spirits were sentenced to wandering the earth without bodies. These are the ones who want bodies. Have you researched this yet?


Can anyone help this old grandmother figure out how I can control the play of this video? I want to be able to stop it and resume where I left off? Can I?


You would have to press the timeline in the right area doesn't seem to have a drag option that I see.


You guys are freaking amazing. Constantly blowing minds. My perspective has literally exploded. I was aware of a lot of this growing up. But you guys have pieced it together so well and so encompassing. I never voted. Had abandoned God and became a nihilist. And had lost all hope. When I found you guys it forced me to reconsider my perspective on spirituality and politics. I love the positivity you guys just radiate through all the darkness. It truly has given me hope for the future.


Fantastic stuff guys! Please keep this kind of stuff up.

Joris Vander Cammen

Wow, just 10 minutes in and there is this big eye opener: Leopold II (of Saxen Coburg, the Belgian royals only changed their name after the first world war) 'only' killed 2 million people less than Hitler did? So he really must have had a bloody regime in Congo, because I don't recall any stories about people being butchered in Belgium, apart from the workers in the factories due to negligent safety. Yes I'm from Belgium so quite shocked.

andy sinclair

Amazing content ,the work and effort you guys put in is truly inspiring . You guys have definitely opened my eyes to a lot of thinks 👌


Just Subscribed!


I don’t know how my avatar was chosen but it’s Sean Patrick Flanery from Young Indiana Jones..... my childhood hero, and someone I always aspired to be idk how that was possible since I did not choose or select this Avatar.... something spiritual about that. 🙏🏻

Hunger Games

Wow! How did they know lol. I don't get an option to change my avatar but I'd like to.

Ryan & Wendy

According to my wifes math, your channel costs .33 cents a day... or $2.49 A WEEK. SO YES WE GET $2.49 A WEEK worth of value from this subscription. THANK YOU

Hunger Games

I'm just waiting for the heavy hitting truth they can't share on YouTube 😎

Ryan & Wendy


Myles Davidson

Safari too for Mac users.


I would love to be able to watch a few videos here I didn't mind paying the monthly 10 dollars but not 1 video I've tried to watch will play pls address this problem

Myles Davidson

Perhaps try it in another browser. Usually works for me when I have similar problems.

Hunger Games

Google chrome. Maybe you need to update

Jay McMurray

I will be doing my share to promote this platform, to help with the awakening. I'm going to be 60 this year and I have been fighting the fight since I voted for Renaldus Maximus! I have been turning people on to The Edge since I found you guys following David Wilcock. It is sooo refreshing to see young guys coming on line to join in and carry on! May God Bless you both, and I pray tall thick hedges and Angels around you and your families. In Jesus Name! Amen!

just-megan, No-H.

Bizzie shouting out the pro-Trump Saudis at the Abbey in Weho. I'm dead!

Hunger Games

I think the real challenge is to teach this knowledge to the younger folks who are all for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders because MSM slanders Trump


"Democratic Socialism" or more beautifully put "Angelic Satanism" ! ❤️ All the benefits of ritual with none of the blood sacrifice (*disclaimer .. benefit results may vary or may be adjusted to minimally include sacrifice but hey we'll focus on that later!) Check out my shiny halo,soft grey wings and free gifts! Embrace me!


Great work, I can only pray that so many people see this and wake up!


Hi guy’s, I am from Argentina and I have been following for a while already, is there a plan where your content could be translated in Spanish? Thanks for everything you are the best!!!