DAVID WILCOCK: Military has Terminators for Alien Invasion? [Part 2/5]

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Does the U.S. military have secret Terminator style Robo Raptors to use against a real life #alien invasion? On our part 2 of this exclusive interview with #DavidWilcock we will discuss what are these robots and how the military are using these.

We also talk about the AI technology that that we see in movies such as Avatar, The Abyss, and Aliens, may not all be fiction after all and could it actually be tech that the military has been using for years.

And is it possible #DeepState are preparing to use a secret weapon about disclosure if things aren't going their way?

All of this and more this second episode on Edge of Wonder in a part 5 series with David Wilcock.

Nathan Price

wow is right....bomb dropped, amazing production guys! please keep us informed and keep up the good work!


Amazing episode, gatta love David! keep up the good work guys.