Deep State can't stop the Great Awakening: David Wilcock

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Deep State can't stop the Great awakening: David Wilcock


Just signed up for a year! Don’t let me own boys 😁


LOL! Don’t let me down. 😳

Vanessa Wilson

Wow. I needed this video today. The last two times I took LSD, they spiraled into a black nothingness after reaching peak infinitesimal realizations and have left me questioning my very existence. They always start off as a journey of learning everything in the world, but once I realize there is literally no end to the knowledge and synchronizations.. boom, literally fade to black and everything bad David mentioned happened, down to the body freeze fright. And time stops. I now look back and appreciate those experiences because I felt like I lived through literally lifetimes of knowledge. I thought I died multiple times, but I realize now that it was a complete ego death and it was exactly what I needed. You guys are amazing. I feel like you've really helped bridge a lot of gaps in my understanding of these niche subjects that I never manage to get to the bottom of because of the vast amount of information to sift through, critically analyze, and form an opinion on. Like everything you guys talk about resonates with me so much and I never thought I would ever find a channel like yours and I appreciate it so much. You guys are changing lives and you're doing it beautifully! Please, never stop.

Gabriel Andre

I set out a couple of years ago to experience the epansion of mind (drug free). I found many groups of people who would throw around words like Pleadian and Arcturian. Then when searching these things out, I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL!! I've been hooked since the first alien races episode. All of the positivity around mind expansion and bringing truth to light is absolutely mind-blowing, especially coming from relatable people like you. I think you guys are doing an incredible job and I preach about EOW to anybody who'll listen! 👍

Donna Marie Galyean

I've loved this whole series with David. I didn't want it to end! Also looks like I've added some new books to my reading list via this video. :)


I have NO idea what you guys are talking about as far as the psychedelic experience goes! I've had 40+ trips that were nothing but absolutely beautiful, mind-expansive, learning experiences. I even used to do something called "going Jedi," where it would be a little bit of this, that, those, them, and the other. Maybe "bad trips" only happen to certain people?

Vanessa Wilson

I definitely think bad trips are a manifestation of an unbalanced mind body spirit coherence, whether you're aware of it or not. At least in my own retrospective analyses. You must be at peace with yourself :)

Vanessa Wilson

I definitely think bad trips are a manifestation of an unbalanced mind body spirit coherence, whether you're aware of it or not. At least in my own retrospective analyses. You must be at peace with yourself :)


Maybe so! I even tried to have bad trips (i.e. dosing when I was angry, upset, or very heavily emotionally impacted). No dice. Every single one was amazing and I came out having learned something new, or else gained a new perspective that helped me tremendously on my path. Regardless, I've kind of fallen off of the psychedelic trail and have since been able to "trip" on joy, love, compassion, and higher vibrations!

Jill Anderson

when I started to hear all this Deep State rubbish I thought; "well if WE can go through all this Matrix/sheeple shadow stuff WE CAN DO ANYTHING!!" WE are ALL SUPER HERO'S!!!! You 3 ROCK! Thanks Again for the confirmation!

Alex Bernier

What a great interview; thank you to each and everyone one of you.


My awakening experience was horrific. was bad. When it sunk in that everything is a lie and I could now see the truth. I flipped. I flipped bad. Went into some kind of trance for 4 days during which I was visually seeing the truths I had recently learned. Past future or present. I ended up going to the local mental hospital for help. Didnt get it. But I did get it thru you guys. I will forever be greatful and support you guys in all your endeavors. I love you guys.


I could describe my experience almost exactly the same only I reached out to God and got saved. But now I think I’m crazy because I can hear the message and I can literally feel it. My dreams are vivid and almost as if they are warning me and to be honest I’m freaking out a little. I’m debating on whether I should go to work everyday. I mean I’m getting rained out everyday as it is and it’s not like they appreciate my work anyway. The only thing that keeps me there is money and the hope that I’ll be able to support my family with that money. I studied all night the enlightenment video and wrote everything down . I feel like I’m only lacking that “leap of faith” talked about in this video

Vanessa Wilson

I totally agree.


That realization was akin to vertigo for me. You are right about the events of your life falling into sync with the new information. Healing began when I forgave myself for being a rube, and for not meeting the expectations of those around me and society itself. I never cared to meet them, but that was what everyone else pointed to as a flaw. All part of the evil plan, I now understand.


Hey EOW team, I know this isn't getting put on YT till tomorrow: there are a few typos in the onscreen quote of what David is saying at 3:36

Vanessa Wilson

lol "psycheldelics"


Thanks, great info, Cabal is going down



Diane Coutu

Big or small actions taken that is truly from a true pure heart ! Is a step into the light of a better new world

Diane Coutu

Happy to be part of this movement ! Thanks


wow, lots of info to absorb.

Ricardo Silva



Confirmation of why I was led to support your channel, & I'm the 'budgeter' of my family. Great work, wonderful Spirit. God Speed...


Please make a forum guys! If you need help with testing please reach out! You have my email.

Angela Dasner

Great job guys!