Deep State Predictions 2019: Major Data Dump with DAVID WILCOCK [Part 1/5!]

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In this exclusive interview with #DavidWilcock we will go over the inevitable fate of the #DeepState and what some insiders such as Kim Dotcom are saying about the 1000’s of seal indictments. Has the government started to already act on it?

We also discuss what is really going on at Guantánamo bay and was the government shutdown just a ruse to start the tribunals?

Get ready for some #Predictions to be made for 2019 on this first episode on Edge of Wonder in a part 5 series with David Wilcock.

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*Filmed on Jan 17, 2019

Bob James

I wish these videos let viewers control the place in the video they are watching. This one was mostly old news.

Bob James

I got in a spat about 5G with a troll on Oneway and used a couple Youtube videos to really rebut his lies. Shortly after I was prevented from watching Youtube videos. And still am.

Nathan Price

As always excellent production, Ben and Rob spot on, David Wilcox is always one of my favorite guests you have. Awesome stuff....with more to come, yes we do want to know who these pirates and I personally thank you both for all your efforts to bring this information to the public. Keep it up !