Qmap Explained: From Vampires to Pindar [Don't show this to your Mom] - Dylan Louis Monroe Interview

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On Part Two of this exclusive series Dylan Louis Monroe, we dive deeper into Dylan's #QMap, and start to understand who is this Pindar that is at the top of the pyramid and get into the roots of #vampire history. We will also talk about the #GreatAwakening and the shifting of the poles. So are these bizarre existential, esoteric, eerie issues just lore from the past or foretelling future events?

Mendi Cowles

Like minds always find each other! And the strength is in numbers ... LoveLoveLove how Dylan created this amazing and detailed map ... geez skippy that is countless hours of research and mental focus! Hats off to you ... seriously its packed full. Well I believe light will always conquer dark. It's important to talk more in depth of NHI (Non Human Intelligence) ET's bc they have played a vital roll in our history. Heck we all have alien DNA in us ... that's what scientists call "Junk" DNA! More information should taught of the many types of beings ... some are helping and some are not. There are beings that are helping us at this crucial time ... we are in the process of shedding an old paradigm. This is a first for us and quite important. I've recently been told that the elite/cabal has lost the upper hand but it will take a hot second to actually get them all out. And I think we need to know just how much our space brothers are doing to help! Ben & Rob you guys will get to experience this first hand when you go to James Gilliland's ranch ECETI. We can't see them with the naked eye (3D) but through an infrared cameras or binoculars with infrared lenses. there are 1000's of ships in the sky on stand-by waiting for something that's going to take place ... not knowing if it will be a solar flash, pole shift or something else. I so hope you will do an entire show of the ranch and the amazing happenings taking place there for or 36 years ... James Gilliland is a wonderment unto himself ... his history from a kid to present is living proof of there is something more something greater! With all the history that we are finding out ... it is quite thick and multi layered and it's hard to pinpoint all the many differences/variations of so many subjects that has existed here being brought up. And bc we humans have been derailed of our real history's past it's very complex to untangle. I don't believe that earth is owned by anyone ... tho humans and non humans might think they do! As far as the Great Awakening I feel the same as what Dylan states. I believe that when this does happen is when we will go through that shift ... new paradigm ... raise in consciousness. For thousands of years we have been dumbed down and it makes sense that with all the crap we are witnessing in world that soon it will burst. I don't mean "burst" in a literal sense but when it does is when the change will be. It's also very very important to not give in to fear ... you need to know that great change is upon us and it's will carry us into a place that we have never been or can fully comprehend in a 3D world. ... darkness will never exceed the Light.💥💥💥

Joseph Gill

Guys, I'm not trying to be a downer here, but there is a much more sinister story going on. We are not going to a good place in all of this and QAnon although well intentioned isn't going to lead to the good place we are all hoping. I can't put it down in a comment as there is too much, but I would be happy to elaborate if you needed.


I found this online... "[Arizona Wilder] Yes it is. Because human beings all through the ages have accepted gods interbreeding, or being accepted as humans. And that shows in Christianity, that shows in Judaism. They have also used Egyptology, or the Egyptian religions a lot. And the present head of the Illuminati compares himself a lot with the Egyptian god Osiris and Horus, which is Osiris reborn. And also with the Arthurian legends of the Roundtable. And the name that he carries from that is Pindar, which actually means “Phallus of the Dragon.” And the other name, Osiris, he has carried because he takes the name at this time the Marquis de Libeaux [libero] which means liberator of or from the waters. And the story of Osiris is that he was cut into 14 pieces and thrown into the river Nile, and Isis found the pieces and put them back together again. And she could not find the 15th piece -- which happened to be the phallus -- so a gold phallus was made. And this is very important in this group. In the Illuminati this is important. And it is important to think about the head of the Illuminati, because what comes from a golden phallus would be a superior seed for a race. And this is what they are doing with all of these bloodlines to keep the bloodlines going. They are impregnating people of Aryan blood, that hold high stations with them, impregnating them with this seed of Pindar. And therefore it’s important to keep this history in mind, and the names in mind, that he is going by at this time. Icke Video interview

Nathan Price

Excellent knowledge base, so much information on the Q map. Saw the site was taken down.....guess your hitting the mark. Keep it up, we need this information out to the masses.