Secret Societies Behind Communism

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The Illuminati and Communism

Lynn Rosseels

Oops, pressed too soon. Just to say thank you for your work and to let you kniw you have fans in Belgium and no, we're not socialist either.

Lynn Rosseels


This history virtually dances around the futurist agenda of those who picked up the Shriner style of masonry to champion the DeMolay midnset to give us Monsanto's Disney (to roughly thread the eye of the needle in a single awkward sentence). The equation of DeMolay being viewed as a Luciferian is not lost on the Disney brand, but cleverly packaged as Pan-like hedonism, while brain


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Just both are doing amazing work. So worth $10 a month to learn so much Truth.


All I can say is ...Holy shit!

Tom Brindisi

Another great episode. Y’all should check out the show “The Order” on Netflix. It’s filled with symbolism. Gnostic Counsel, “magick,” & the “Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose,” if you know where to look the symbolism is everywhere.

Meg Scott

Keep up the good work!!

Broc Higgins

Great Work Guys!!!

Patricia Lutke

Fabulous detective work guys!! Blows my mind... keep going the truth will win out!! People need to wake up from the Matrix now!!