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We all know #Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer but there are real people who have admitted to being part of the #Vampire Satanic Society. Hold on to your fangs and bring holy water Real Vampires are right around the corner.

In this 3rd Episode of Maps and Myths we take you to the Edge of Real Vampire stories and Vampire History that Vlad the Impailer couldn't write better himself.

David Moller

Awesome, Wonderboys (Ben & Rob), and Wonderers (Us All)! Great to hang here with you awesome peeps!

David Moller

Awesome, Wonderboys (Ben & Rob), and Wonderers (Us All)! Great to hang here with you awesome peeps!

Amber Reed

Who does the voice intros for you guys? Big shout out to the hilarious Dracula voice :)

Amber Reed

Big shout out to Chris Sloan!

Dana Crowe

I am not convinced it's not something more like brainwashing where people truly believe, and bael would sit back and laugh at his control and the damage this would cause


I just watched part of a crazy YT video about 3 young 2nd graders who were killed by young 20'sSatanists. They went to prison. Later somehow Johnny Depp got them out. Also got matching tattoo on his back with Marilyn Manson. Remember he played Barnabas Collins/Dark Shadows? Apparently other DARK movies that were flops. There was a bio on Johnny Depp that referred to Hunter Thompson doing Adrenachrome, etc. YIKES. That's pretty vampiric to me!!


The Heart swirl tatoo, same as MM are on their forearm. It represents girl love? "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" was a weekend long 'trip' fest. Yes, his Lawyer(B Del Toro)brought the Adrenachrome along with huffing Ether brought them "Out Of their Minds, tripping." I watched it "enhanced" many a' times:)


Ok finally! I figured out how to get on !!! Loved it 😁 Werewolves next

Daniel Jacob baker

That was great enjoy watching it's educational

Steve Evans

Awesome 👏🏻

Disclosure Backpack

I studied vampires before and still learned some new things. Nice work. I remember the middle school girl story from last year. People can read more about it here: In Japan, they still use the same word, "Asura" to describe demons. The word came to Japan together with Buddhism.阿修羅

Austyn Chopin

Very interesting

Janelle Williams

Great video!


I vant to suck your blood. Blah...


Video said coffin built in 3 days. I think it meant to say he was in it for 3 days


Good job guys, glad to be aboard.

Im Iva Xo