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Plot-twist! You guys are all part-Draco through the Adamite lineage, but don't have that "blue blood" stuff that makes someone a psychopathic egomaniac because Adam knew that they were wicked Nephelim


A couple of years ago we watched a Youtube video on the Skinwalker Ranch, it was kind of old. A man and woman were staying there and filming and caught a lot of paranormal activity on camera. I can't find it again...anyone remember it? Lots of night vision cool "ghosties", etc. Thanks for your great shows!

Lynn Whitney

Love your stuff guys. Imo, yes there are skinwalkers of various kinds of animals, including the wolf. By all means do a show on skinwalkers. Also, if you want to add some credibility to the werewolf vid, give us some correlated facts with unsolved murders/missing persons in same area.


What, about the King of Skinwalkers, ya know the one who has a very interesting character in GoT? He called himself a man, for he was not lying, he was an Adam and he was Adam, was he or was he not?

Brenda Ingram

Schnoberman, Doberman! Great episode guys! Ben, your slips of tongue πŸ‘… are sao endearing! Rou-ga-Lou! Love u too, Rob!

Brenda Ingram

Rob, I forgot to say the Were-care-bear was laugh out loud funny ! So funny LOL had to be spelled out!


I do believe they are real and love the story. Thank you for the information. Keep going.

Obscure Shadow

Would love to hear your take on the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah!! You guys rock!! Take care and thanks for all of your awesome efforts!! πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

Timothy Wermter II

please make a video on skin-walkers!!!! they have so much footage as well as trail cam photos


Ty guys sooo much. Your hard work is not wasted!!! It is much appreciated!!! Glad I can help, and great vid!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Another amazing episode by two of my favorite researchers! Thanks for the early screening, guys! WWG1WGA


Werebear not carebear. That was awesome πŸ‘. I’m a bit more inclined to believe that there are werewolves and nit vampires or I was until I watched these videos. So there’s two excellent episodes on Paranormal witness about werewolves. They made me a believer. Also , thanks for reinforcing for my paranormal loving self that I must make a trip to New Orleans soon. So excited about Edge TV πŸ“Ί

just-megan, No-H.

New Orleans is legit. There are rips in the fabric of the universe there!! I went in 2012,2015,2016. All good experiences.


this looks great guys! awesome looking website! congrats and big love to Ben and Rob

Janelle Williams

I would love to see a video on skinwalkers. Ghost Adventures did an episode on skinwalkers at Navajo Nation. They saw a couple of anomalies.

Sefa Erdem

Great episode, thank you :) Love from Istanbul.

kazuki tahara

I subscribed a year plan. I am Japanese. I hope your future exclusive videos will also feature "English subtitles" like YouTube ones.


Your brother seen a DOGMAN. U GUYS SHOULD CONTACT VIC CUNDIFF, for real. Fascinating. Skinwalker POSSIBLE.


OK bye bye Nazi YouTube! Now NO HOLDING BACK!!!


I read a book by a former witch once, and she said that she had known of people who became so demon possessed that they actually changed their physical forms and became vampires and werewolves.

Austyn Chopin

I would like to see a video on skinwalkers, vampires, and all of the things!

Brendon Asbury

You two are great I love watching your videos!


Awesome guys! Skin walkers would be cool!