What you won't see on Mainstream Media: Weirder Things #1 LIVE with Ben and Rob


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Going through the recent events of the past week. Oscars, YouTube "news," 17th letter of the alphabet and other things!


Joking about pedophilia is just something one does NOT do. This is not going to bode well for Oswald, no matter whatever joke he was trying to make. It just makes me sick.

Jane Pinter

Oswald & all are trying to make pedophilia normal. status quo. We have to support Trump to drain the swamp.

Jane Pinter

I thought you were to be on at 7:00pm. Must be EST because it is 5:00 Mountain time

Jane Pinter

Hi I'm here

Amanda B. Smith

Just heard your socialism hit bit. Guys. Stop playing in the 3D world. Money is the grand illusion. Money divides, corrupts and enslaves this planet. We're the only planet left that uses money. The DOD can't account for $21 Trillion on top of the $700 Billion budget. Yes, we could pay for every social program and still have money left over. Let's begin manifesting a new golden age of abundance for all. Stop the separation game, us vis them. The GOP & DNC have given us 233 years of war, oil pipelines, predatory banking, predatory cancer industry, sickcare system and a nation with the most incarcerated people. More than China. North Korea. Oh, we use those prisoners as slave . labor which tend to be people of color and the poor. Merica, fuck yeah. Here to save the mf day yeah.

Amanda B. Smith

I'm new to you guys and love what you are doing! Are you aware of the objects that are in the corona of our sun? The sun is being drained of it's energy and it's violently reacting to these objects electrically, CMEs and 600 km/s solar tsunami You can see the evidence for yourself at: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/communities/space-weather-enthusiasts check Goes-14 images along with WSA-ENLIL PREDICTION model. Plus, Dr. Claudia Albers is rewriting physics and calling out the establisment and academia for their failure to challenge current beliefs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZRsSxrxJR8


here is a famous picture of a devastated Nixon, just before being impeached for Watergate, meeting with, what they identified, as his core advisors. George Bush Sr. Dick Cheney. Donald Rumsfeld. Coincidentally, the same crew of scoundrels in power during 9/11 and The financial crisis under the rube... or son of one of the conspirators. We are dealing with that legacy. Always morphing and refreshing itself. It would be interesting to show the pic and follow the thread to today.


I saw a thing about Bill Maher wearing the red shoes, being part of a red shoe society, whatever the hell that's all about. It can't be good, and after what you said about McCauly's reference, it is seriously disturbing. He did go around the world trying to humiliate the faithful while mocking God.

Mark manges

I sent you a message on this, But in the recent news people have been committing suicide after getting Lasik surgery on their eyes. Could this new procedure be reprograming the brain. Please read and give me your opinions. http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/in-her-own-words-jessica-starr-detailed-struggles-after-eye-surgery-in-video-journals

Ken Morgan

Please do an episode on what is fair with Healthcare. Thanks from one of your crippled, senior citizen fans with a dozen pre-existing conditions. Maybe do it with Emery Smith.

Nathan Price

always spot on, great show guys, keep it up

RT Schaefer

The "DJ" reference in Culkin's Tweet is in reference to DJ Avicii. Look him up, he was a Swedish Musician & DJ who died mysteriously on 4/20/18 in Muscat, Oman. Supposedly he was trying to “expose a pedophile ring”. Snopes says NO, but their opinion doesn't exactly hold a lot of water anymore.


Wait, what? He died?! Geez, who else died what I'm unaware of?

Rachel Andrew-Nelson

What is the name of the Netflix show discussed?

Rachel Andrew-Nelson

Found it. The Umbrella Academy


It's really good. I binged it in two days. LOL!


Supporter and now a subscriber! Congrats on the expansion and the new platform which will allow you to be uncensored. This is in Beta I know but it would have been cool if I was able to transition my nyc account onto this tv account. No biggie, just stopped old monthly donation and subscribed. Keep up the Divine Creator's work! You guys gonna join GAB? I left your YT channel a good remark on Disscenter today. WWG1WGA

Alana Perry

Let’s get Macaulay on the show :)

Marilyn Jacobs-Simmons



Oh boy, that would be something!

Christine Greenstreet

Great topics guys! Love your commentary. I am looking forward to more!


cool guys x

Timothy Johnson


Mait Soosalu

Awesome work, Love from / Sweden

Meg Scott

Oh yes, great show! Sorry about my long story, it was amazing that I am not the only one noticing these things :)